Streamlining Technical Support with GoTo Resolve

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Vincent Levalois

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July 11, 2023

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, delivering efficient technical support is crucial for organizations across industries. A company heavily involved in providing technical support to engineers faced the challenge of meeting strict deadlines while resolving complex issues promptly. To address this challenge, they turned to GoTo Resolve, a versatile Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software solution. This case study explores how GoTo Resolve empowered the company to enhance their technical support process, improve security, and build closer customer relationships.

The Challenge

Meeting Strict Deadlines and Resolving Technical Issues The company operates in a technical support-heavy environment where engineers require immediate assistance to meet project deadlines. They needed a solution that allowed unattended access to quickly address technical issues without disrupting end-users. The company sought a secure and versatile remote support tool capable of supporting their diverse customer base.

The Solution

GoTo Resolve for Unattended Access and Enhanced Security Already long-time users of GoTo products, the company transitioned from GoToAssist to GoTo Resolve due to its unattended access capabilities. GoTo Resolve enabled them to connect with users, resolve issues, and access remote environments without requiring end-user intervention. The industry-leading zero trust security of GoTo Resolve provided peace of mind to their customers, especially those handling sensitive data.

Responsive Support and Development

GoTo’s Commitment to Customer Success The company praised GoTo’s support and development teams for their responsiveness. GoTo Resolve’s support team actively listened to user feedback and implemented enhancements, demonstrating their commitment to meeting customer needs. This responsiveness enhanced the overall experience and reinforced the partnership between the company and GoTo.


Enhancing Customer Service and Building Stronger Relationships With GoTo Resolve’s unattended support capabilities, the company expanded its service offerings, providing specialized support to organizations that lacked internal staff for managing databases and file servers. The software’s ability to monitor customer databases regularly and handle major upgrades alleviated the burden on customers’ IT staff, allowing them to focus on core responsibilities. This elevated level of service fostered closer customer relationships, with the company becoming an integral part of their extended teams.

Streamlining Support for Larger Organizations GoTo Resolve proved particularly valuable for larger organizations overwhelmed with multiple tasks and resource management. The company assumed responsibility for engineering document management tasks, allowing their customers’ IT staff to concentrate on other critical areas. By relieving the pressure on IT teams, the company established a deeper connection with customers, enabling a better understanding of their challenges and processes.


The company successfully leveraged GoTo Resolve to transform their technical support process, improve security, and build closer customer relationships. The software’s unattended access capabilities streamlined issue resolution, allowing the company to meet strict project deadlines. GoTo Resolve’s robust security features instilled confidence in customers, while the responsive support and development teams ensured a seamless user experience. By taking advantage of GoTo Resolve’s advanced features, the company enhanced their service offerings and became an invaluable partner to their customers. This case study showcases how GoTo Resolve’s RMM software can play a vital role in optimizing technical support and fostering business success.

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