With the advent of IP based cameras (image transmission over IP versus analog), the field has become littered with many new choices and the specs can be difficult to understand and sort through.  Although IP cameras are the newest technology in CCTV security, they are not always the best choice.  CCTV cameras come in an abundance of makes, sizes, models, usability and suitability, which is why it is so important to have a company you trust to assist you in making the right choices. Our CCTV experts will point out the essentials, and make sure that specifications meeting your requirements are not compromised.  Resolution, position, clarity and lens choice can all affect the image performance, another reason to make sure you have AmeriTel at your side to help design and implement a solution you’ll only have to install once.

Samsung/Hanwha Techwin’s camera selection is vast.  From their X-Series cameras capable of detailed video and audio analytics to the amazing Q-Series line if streamline, h.265 codec capable cameras that defy what’s possible in a low cost segment.  Contact us to speak with a representative about this amazing new line that AmeriTel is now offering. (800) 974-6637