Reduce Costs with a Hosted Phone System

The path to the cloud for business communications has never been clearer.

Today, it’s about delivering the capabilities you need—wherever, however you need them. And that’s exactly what MiCloud does. It’s the pay-as-you-grow, cloud-based platform for all of your business communication needs. Cut hardware and I.T. costs. Free up resources. Gain new efficiencies. Leverage flexible deployment and migration. And most of all, enjoy a host of capabilities that you won’t find anywhere else.

Business communications used to be all about the hardware. Not anymore.

Enhanced capabilities. Greater efficiency. Reduced costs. Increased flexibility. Cloud-based communications deliver a host of advantages for companies of all sizes and users of all sophistication levels. MiCloud delivers these advantages like no other platform on the market.

Get a feature-rich, pay-as-you-grow phone system with hardware, software, infrastructure and support—all rolled together for one monthly subscription price.

Perfect for small- to mid-sized companies that need a robust, affordable phone system

When it comes to running a business efficiently, simplicity is key. MiCloud is here to take the complexity out of your business phone system to help you work smarter, faster, and more economically.

You get the in-office experience anywhere, anytime on any device—not to mention a full-featured business phone system, conferencing and more, all hosted in the cloud for one low per-user price.

MiCloud Business is all-inclusive and we manage everything, so you can stop worrying about hardware, upgrade cycles, IT headcount and maintenance. It’s a business communication platform designed from top to bottom to get things done.

Now, let’s get back to business.

Go Anywhere
Get the in-office experience anywhere, any time on any device

Simplify Relationships
Simplify your financials and support needs with one bill from one company

Free Up Capital
Cut operating expenses for hardware, maintenance and IT headcount

Rest Easy
Enjoy the enhanced reliability and redundancy of a cloud-based solution

Upgrades on Us
Upgrades are included and automatic – no need to rip-and-replace

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