AmeriTel provides total solutions for our clients. We will analyze your local, long distance and internet usages to ensure that you have the best combination of network services and long distance products resulting in a cost effective integrated telecommunications solution. As Authorized Representatives of over 39 carriers, we have received detailed training which uniquely qualifies us to integrate equipment and network solutions that help you run your business more effectively.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find just how much savings can be found in the average business telephone bill, whether you are currently spending $200 or $20,000 a month. With all the telecommunications changes in the last few years, it has become increasingly difficult to stay on top of what may be affecting your bottom line.  Industry experts recommend that you review your usage costs every year.

This can be a time consuming and tedious process, especially with all the changes in the telecom industry everyday.  We specialize in providing our clients with the most cost effective Network Connectivity, Internet Solutions and Cell Phone Services.

Share a copy of your most recent telephone bill with us (Local/Long Distance/Internet/Cellular) and “we guarantee” that we can show you how to shave the equivalent of a whole month from your total annual telephone bill* (at minimum 8%)

If we can’t, we will pay the bill – that’s right – If we can not show you how to save a minimum of 8% on your monthly, we will pay that bill.

How much does this service cost you?  Nothing.  It is absolutely free.

*Beginning of savings may be dependent on term expiration of any existing agreements. Taxes and Surcharges excluded.

We will analyze your phone bill to find savings.  10%, 20%, 30%, sometimes over 50% savings!  It all comes down to the rate and fees you are paying for the services you are being provided with along with hidden charges, phone company errors, etc.  Let us show you where and how you can save money on your telephone bill by sending us the summary pages that detail your usage in minutes and usage by area (i.e. InterState, IntraState, etc.).

What’s the catch?  No catch.  Just a free phone bill analysis with no obligation.  We will provide you with the solution to save month in and month out.  If you choose to move forward with our recommendation, you will save, if not, you won’t!  It’s that simple.

Fill out the form below with all the required fields.  Be sure to add your bill before submitting the form.  If possible, we prefer bills in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format.  Once we receive your file, please allow for up to one week for the analysis to be complete.  In most cases we’ll have it to you much sooner.

Any information you share with AmeriTel, Inc. is 100% secure and at no point will we share this information with any third parties not directly involved with the production of your bill analysis.  Feel confident knowing that your information is completely safe with us.