AmeriTel has partnered with RapidScale to deliver high-end and extremely reliable Cloud based services.

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RapidScale is an industry leader in cloud computing solutions that enable customers to simplify IT operations. They pride themselves in moving computing into the next generation while providing outstanding customer service.

Their Cloud Intelligence team offers professional, knowledgeable expertise with setup, installation, or resolving issues. With their CloudTeam in place, you always have support for any situation.

RapidScale offers you freedom to be mobile; your things go where you are. No more worrying about moving a project or file from your desktop to your mobile device- it’s simple and easy and it’s the next big thing.

You’re no longer tied to one physical device when you can access your information from wherever you are and on whatever device.

RapidScale is also a founding member of the Global Cloud Alliance, which is building the Global App Network, “the next generation Desktop as a Service” for Wireless Companies, Telecommunication Companies, Distributors, VAR’s, and MSP’s.